Body Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras – Case for Support

It has been said that a single picture can tell the story of a thousand words.  Well, if this in true, then a video has the potential to tell a million stories.  The written word and image documentation have always been a critical component to the criminal justice process. Police Officers spend hours each shift “putting pen to paper” telling the stories of our community members, whether they were the victim of a crime or witness events that might help solve a crime.  We have progressed from “pen to paper,” to “finger to keystroke,” and now even, “voice to text,” the purpose is still the same.  Tell the story.

Technology is constantly creating exciting new possibilities for advancing the professionalism and progressing the capabilities in law enforcement.  Whether it is exciting breakthroughs in collections and processing of DNA or simply capturing a clear image that might be the key piece to solving a crime, technology is moving at rates never before experienced.   One area in particular that is advancing at a rapid pace is that of video.

Just in the past twenty years we have moved from still images captured on 35mm film, to digital cameras, to portable video cameras, to in-car analog camera systems, to cell phone cameras, to digital video.  This video has moved from the static to the dynamic, from fixed camera positions to the police officers themselves.  It seems that every time we reach a new technological breakthrough, the boundaries are expanded and new potential emerges.

Here at the Lafayette Police Department we have been very excited about the advances in body worn camera systems and their potential to improve the quality of service to our community.  We have always been a firm believer in video technology to help capture evidence and build strong cases.  In fact, we have been using in-car video systems for nearly twenty years.  At the time we began using the in-car systems we marveled at the technology and immediately put it to good use.  Of course, it wasn’t long until we discovered the limitations of the “in-car” mounted systems and began asking for the ability to put cameras on officers!

For the past three years we have been closely watching the advances being made in the technology of body worn camera systems and testing their capabilities.  We believe that the technology has now advanced to a point where the financial investment will be balanced proportionately to the public value which will be generated from the use of this technology.   We believe that Taser International has developed a comprehensive solution to video and evidence technology that will best support the needs of the Lafayette Police Department.

With the help of the community, the Lafayette Police Department will begin using the Taser AXON Body Camera and In Car Camera Systems.  When used in conjunction with the Taser’s innovative technology,, we will be placing tools in the hands of our that will help keep our community safe by building strong cases and building community trust!

We thank you for your support!