The Lafayette Police Department has long enjoyed the support of the greater Lafayette Community.  Many businesses, community members, and others regularly look for ways to support the LPD not only by volunteering their time and talents, but by also donating money to help support critical support and community outreach efforts.  A great example of this support is the D.A.R.E. Program, which has been funded by private donations since its inception.

Funding support from the community is not currently tax deductible.  The Lafayette Police Foundation will provide a better arrangement for handling funds.  The Chief of Police and member of the agency must guard against the perception of possible impropriety.  The Foundation will support the priority in making the donation process and management of funds as transparent as possible.

Police Foundations are able to accept public contributions designated for police department projects.  When properly structured, it will be a not-for-profit organization and the public donations can be tax deductible.  The transparency offered by the Lafayette Police Foundation financial management and the tax break for the donors will provide a win-win opportunity for everyone.


The Mayor of Lafayette, Tony Roswarski, strongly supports the idea of establishing the Lafayette Police Foundation.  As a retired member of the LPD he understands better than anyone the positive impact the foundation will have on our community and the added safety benefits it will provide.


Identifying and soliciting the support of our community is paramount to the success of the Lafayette Police Foundation.  Board Members who are well respected in the community, known for their charitable and philanthropic work, who are willing to contribute their time, resources, and talents, as well as being able to make contacts and convince others to get involved will be a key to success.

The Lafayette Police Foundation will seek board members who have name recognition from the work they have done and the reputations they have built.  The community must recognize the value of the board to the community as this will provide instant credibility to the broader community and generate greater support.


The Lafayette Police Department will start with a clear mission, a commitment to transparent governance, and strong values.  The emphasis on a value based mission will have a profound impact on the long term success and viability of the foundation.